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White Diamond tapestry stitches close up by Jessica Taylor Made


Everything in the kit is sourced and supplied from the UK. The canvases are printed in Devon and the English wool is sourced from wool markets in Bradford Yorkshire, through Appletons and is both moth resistent and durable. This is important to me as I believe the quality is higher and keeping trade local is part of my ethical duty.





The canvases are printed using no solvents during printing or finishing processes. The canvas is handled by the stitcher extensively and so I have a duty of care to protect the stitcher from harmful solvents and chemicals found in many printing inks.





For more information about the finishing service I can provide please contact me for a quotation. If you would like any bespoke creation made or I can help out with any other tapestry related service then please contact me and I would be happy to discuss further.





I make every effort to keep kits in-stock at all times. However, as a small company I may encounter out-of-stock issues. If you should order a kit that is out of stock, I will notify you immediately by telephone or email advising you on the anticipated ready date.



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