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I completed my first tapestry at the age of 7, when my Grandmother bought me a swan design kit. We would sit together and stitch and I was in awe of the craft and the pleasure of the final piece. She was a huge inspiration to me and instilled my love of colour, shape and form, always insisting on wearing her traditional Nigerian dress even in the coldest British weather! Tapestry instantly became a hobby which entirely took over my free time.

Jessica Taylor Made graduation
Jessica Taylor Made with daughter


I am now a mother to a gorgeous, squidgy daughter and barely have much free time left, but still insist on stitching as it is incredibly relaxing and addictive. The main aim of JessicaTaylorMade was to design modern and appealing creations for the more discerning. I could not find kit designs on the market to satisfy my passion and was bored of the dull floral or animal tapestries available. I am fed up of stitching numerous kits and not wanting to display them or even give them to friends and family as gifts!

Coral sun tapestry with daughter of Jessica Taylor Made


My hope is that my fellow experienced stitchers out there will support me and love my designs. But I also hope that new crafters who are yet to try the art of tapestry will be brave and give my kits a go. The symmetrical designs are stunningly simple allowing you to switch off and let your mind wander. I treat tapestries as a way to escape and completely relax, while creating something beautiful which will last for generations. I am working on setting up tapestry how-to classes in my town of Marlborough. I have many more kit designs in work, you can rest assured none are floral!

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